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SWBM ACADEMY is one stop destination providing both Classroom Based Training and Online Courses (Distance Learning) to accommodate our individual and business customers’ needs.  All our courses are fully accredited, approved, designed by Highfield and compliant with the EU and UK law.

We only hire trainers who are as passionate as we are, share the same values and make teaching process more enjoyable, effective and increase productivity. Consequently, all our teaching personnel are handpicked and we can proudly say that our courses are taught only by experts with extensive experience within their respective fields. Our Tutors are Ex & Active Fire-Fighters, Childcare Specialists, Paramedics (NHS), Security and H&S Specialists to make every single course mesmerising.


Our mission is very simple, everything we do is for greater good. We would like to contribute to the society and make a difference in the world we live in by giving students adequate knowledge, teaching them life skills to overcome challenges and preparing them for the real world. Finally, we would like to be known as an unparalleled training company in the UK, which provides the best training solutions to its customers.

We are very passionate about what we do and recognise the potential power of passion in business. Our company has been launched:

  • To help individuals uncover what fires enthusiasm;

  • To give students memorable experience and lifelong skills that meet their professional needs;

  • To deliver extraordinary and tailor-made services;

  • To motivate our students to believe in their profession, as highly successful people tend to have one thing in common - they are passionate about what they do;

  • To create affordable courses without compromising on quality.

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We are accepted by the SIA. Please see the register on their website.

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All our courses are fully accredited & compliant with the EU & UK law.

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We always go the extra mile to give our learners 100% satisfaction.

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We have 9 centres. Choose a location closer to your home.


With over 20 years of experience in various security operations.


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While a lot of our competitors save money on teaching personnel by hiring people with very limited knowledge and experience, we are focused on hiring highly qualified tutors (with minimum 15 years of field experience), paying them much higher rates than our competitors do and consequently, quality of their training is unparalleled. We do not compromise on quality. Our profit margins are very low to maintain high quality training, competitive prices and most importantly, to give our customers THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: QUALITY AND PRICE.


Customer support is our utmost priority. Customers are given dedicated accounts manager and we can be reached 24/7/365 via Chat Box or E-Mail to address your questions and requests at once.

Strength of our security training

Security personnel’s work is evaluated on many merits but some of the main ones are:

  • To be able to plan, assess risks and swiftly execute given assignment.

  • To give and/or receive clear instructions.

  • To have ability to work as a part of a team/group.

  • To be able to manage and maintain conflicts, emergencies and customer services.

We recruited very experienced tutors, created right environment and good teaching facilities for our students to optimise their learning experience and make them more engaged in studying process.  Every single course is specially designed combining both theory and practice reflecting real life challenges and scenarios. It makes teaching process more enjoyable, effective and increases productivity.

All courses include

  • Role-playing of various scenarios, which could be useful in real life.

  • PowerPoint presentations, videos, pictures, etc.

  • Open discussions about tutors and students’ life experience to inspire students and stimulate everyone’s engagement in learning process.

Consequently students:

  • share experienced security operatives' practices, evaluate, take good practice and learn from the mistakes.

  • obtain necessary experience, knowledge and skills before being deployed to a site.

  • receive relevant guidance from their tutor, which serves them for life.

  • have opportunities to practice skills directly applicable to their chosen career within simulated and safe environment.

  • are given corrective feedback in order to improve their execution quality and encourage them to achieve higher levels.

This is the opportunity to start your security career. Our security courses are designed to be compliant with the current legislation; They are fully recognised by the SIA and UK awarding bodies. The courses are delivered at our training centres and also can be run at your premises or a location of your choice in the United Kingdom (for Group Bookings only).


We do not employ security personnel directly. However, we work with number of the best SIA approved security companies (ACS accreditation, read more.....) within the region to accommodate our successful students’ employment needs. Consequently, upon successful completion of your security course, if you are a right candidate, one of our partner companies might consider your application and you could start working under LDN (Licence Dispensation Notice, read more .......) before receiving the SIA licence. Register now - application.

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