You could get paid upon referring a friend to us. IT DOES NOT INVOLVE ANY SALES, INVESTMENT, COSTS OR ANYTHING SIMILAR. Simply, should any of your friends or people you know need training, refer them to us & be rewarded by earning 5% over & over of what your friends order and your friends will receive 5% discount upon making a booking, AS SIMPLE AS THAT.

A few simple steps to join the programme

1. Register for 'Refer a Friend Scheme' and receive your Unique Referral Number (URN).

2. Share your Unique Referral Number (URN) with your friends for them to receive 5% discount upon purchasing a course.

3. For each person you refer who books a course with us using your Unique Referral Number (URN), we pay you a referral fee of 5% on every single purchase directly into your preferred bank account or apply it as credit towards future bookings with us.


Enter your details, accept the T&Cs (read them first), wait for our confirmation, start referring and earn money.

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